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Why venture capital?

Innovations are changing our world

Venture Capital Investments

  • Offer the chance of high returns
  • Result in portfolio diversification
  • Require a lot of know-how to identify the most attractive VC (target) funds and also to gain access to them
  • This leads to high transaction costs in the selection process
  • Require diversification with a view to good risk management

Digital growth is exponential and often underestimated

Number of days until 1,000,000 users reached

Venture Capital: The Key to Success

“Diamonds are made under pressure!”

The “vintage years” 2022 to 2025 offer the opportunity to become excellent years for venture capital investors.

Value chains are becoming ever more digital

Digital growth happens exponentially

Technological megatrends lead to disruptive changes, and these in turn lead to investment opportunities

Innovations (only) become possible through venture capital!